Prof Christa Rautenbach from the Faculty of Law at the North-West University (NWU) has been appointed by the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Adv Michael Masutha, as an advisory committee member in the South African Law Reform Commission: Project 144. The project is titled “Single Marriage Statute Including Measures against Sham Marriages”.

The purpose of Prof Rautenbach’s appointment is to participate in an investigation regarding the possible adaption of a single marriage statute, including measures against sham marriages. The investigation will deal mainly with the question of the development of legislative proposals enabling parties to marry according to all religious, cultural or secular practices in South Africa.

 “It is a big honour, but it is a lot of extra work. It might take years to finish our report to the minister as we have many different types of marriages and many types of legislation. We are going to have to find legislation that works for everybody,” says Prof Rautenbach

However, she is  not one to shy away from a challenge. As she is explaining her new responsibilities, she is on her way to picturesque Himeville in Kwazulu-Natal for the KAP sani2c bicycle race that spans three days and 261 km. What started as a way to keep fit has morphed into a passion that has seen her complete numerous, arduous races, including the Cape Argus.

Another challenge, another day for Prof Christa Rautenbach.