The School for Undergraduate Programmes is responsible for the management of the undergraduate qualifications offered by the Faculty of Law. At this teaching-learning centre we are committed to academic excellence, have an innovative approach to the teaching of law and aim to offer high-quality instruction in law subjects at undergraduate level. However, we do not merely want to communicate knowledge on law, but strive to equip students with the necessary skills and values required to face the challenges involved in accessing the legal profession. Our object is to deliver graduates with a passion for law and justice, with social awareness, a critical orientation and integrity. That is why everything possible is done to empower and mould our students so that, as jurists, they can make a contribution to the development of society and the legal system.

The school, which is spread across three campuses, offers the following qualifications:

Possible careers

Our graduates are equipped to enter any of the careers below:

• A career in legal education
• The legal profession (lawyers and advocates)
• Legal advisers
• Civil Service: lawyers, advocates, state prosecutors, magistrates, judges (with the necessary experience).

Undergraduate Programmes