Mahikeng Campus

Law Students' Council

The Law Students' Council is a statutory structure under the Mahikeng Campus Student Representative Council (CSRC). It represents all law students in the Faculty on matters relating to teaching and learning and quality assurance.

The main purpose of this group is to assist students to master law subjects. It is represented on the Faculty Board and other relevant committees of the Faculty.


Potchefstroom Campus


The Student Law Council of Potchefstroom (SLCP) is an Academic Student Council (ASC) that was established for the law student.  The SLCP serves as a link between students, campus activities and lecturers.  The SCLP as an ASC is set to handle academic, social and student affairs.

The SLCP consists of a diverse group of people that attempt to brighten your life as a student while studying at the NWU (Potchefstroom Campus). A wide variety of get-togethers and opportunities are created to get to know your fellow students and to network with others.

Vanderbijlpark Campus