Environmental Law: Development, Change and Governance - Prof Louis Kotze

This project critically interrogates various aspects of South African environmental law in relation to development, change and governance. It specifically focuses on law, governance, change and development in Southern Africa and the extent to which the environmental law framework responds to challenges arising from the foregoing.

Local Government and Environment Law and Governance - Prof Anel du Plessis

This project critically explores the various dimensions and complexities of the interrelationship between local government and environmental law in South Africa.  The project has a strong rights-based and constitutional law focus in further exploring the realisation of environmental rights (both substantive and procedural) within the local sphere of government.  There is room for comparative study in this project to the extent that municipalities in Africa and elsewhere in the world, are often confronted with similar problems than South Africa as far as it concerns the making, implementation and enforcement of environmental law.  This project has been running for the past eight years and continue to result in scholarly articles, book chapters, LLM dissertations and LLD theses. The project has scope also for post-doctoral studies. Project participants regularly participate in workshops as well as national and international conferences. The research for and output of this project are further used to make a contribution in the community by means of training and collaboration with municipalities.

Safe and Stainable Cities: Legal Perspectives from Germany and South Africa in Context