Exchange contracts

The Law Faculty has contracts with the following universities:

Student exchange programmes

Every year approximately 12 students from this faculty study at European universities in terms of exchange programmes existing between this faculty and such European faculties.  Students from the said universities also attend courses at this Faculty.  The duration of the programmes could be 4-5 months to a year. 

Leiden excursion

An excursion to Leiden takes place biannually.  This endeavour is aimed at exposing our students to Dutch legal culture and also at interacting socially with their Dutch counterparts.  The duration of the excursion is approximately two weeks.

Staff exchange programmes

In terms of the staff exchange programme existing between this faculty and a number of European faculties, staff members frequently teach abroad, while members of those faculties teach here. These lectures are presented as guest lectures on specific capita.

International Office

Faculty of Law Exchange Programme Coordinator


Office number: +27 (0) 18 285 2616