Registration Information for 2018

Application enquiries

Enquiries about how to apply, problems with online applications and outstanding documentation as well as enquiries about the status of applications can be directed to the CAAO (Central Admission & Applications Office) call centre:

What Parents Should Know


Academic Literacy Modules

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Compolsory Language Module

It is compulsory for all LLB and BA (Law) students to register for one of the 7 language modules in their first year. They must choose one of the following modules:

  • Afrikaans Nederlands (AFLL111/121)
  • English (ENLL 111/121 or ENLS 111/121)
  • Tswana (ATSN 111/121 or SETM 111/121)
  • Latin (LATN 112/122)
  • German (GERM 111/121)
  • French (FREN 111/121)
  • Ancient Culture (AKLR 112/122)


Selective Module for BA (Law) students

BA (Law) students must, except for the language module, also choose a selective module from one of the following major modules, from 1st to 3rd year (in combination with law modules):

  • English (ENLL 111/121)
  • Phycology (PSYC 111/121)
  • Industrial Phycology (IOPS 111/121)
  • Philosophy (PHIL 111/121)
  • Political Science (POLI 112/123)


Video on module selection

The purpose of the video is to provide prospective students with the information that would enable them to make informed decisions during registration. We encourage students to have a look at the video before they arrive on campus. Please also pick an alternative module if your initial decision is influenced by a time table clash.

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Academic Orientation

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