KAS and NWU Conference


Critical Law and Governance Perspectives on Food Security in South Africa: Exploring the Role of Policy-Makers and other Stakeholders

Session 1: Legislative framework for GMOs

GMO-related Activities, Biosafety and Governance Issues in South Africa
Dr O Lim Tung (Faculty of Law, NWU)

Restrictions in governance of two laws that have major roles in food safety
Dr W Jansen van Rijssen (University of Pretoria)

Year of the soils - Video 1 Video 2
Mr Ian Steyn (Foundation for farming)

Session 2: Food Security

An assessment of the integration of food security, climate change and disaster risk reduction policies. A case of SA
Ms A Zembe (North-West University, Public Management)

Critical law and governance on food security
Dr WJ van der Walt (FOODNCROPBIO)

Intersection of multilevel government with food security imperatives
Ms S Johnstone (University Western Cape)

Session 3: International law legal perspectives

Sanitary and phytosanitary measures in the SADC region: a South African legal perspective
Ms B Joubert

A spring without water: the conundrum of anti-dumping duties in South African law
Mr C Vinti (University of the Free State)

Food security in South Africa: we need food, not biofuel
Mr J K Lupwana (University of Johannesburg)

Food versus fuel: lessons for SA?
Ms C Schultz & Mr G van Riet (North-West University)

Session 4: GMOs, Food Security and Reform 

South Africa’s Food security development challenges in the era of globalisation, affirmative action and land reform
Prof L Amusan & Makgosi L Kgoltleng (NWU, Politics department)

When is a regulatory measure deemed to be an expropriation
Ms P Dube (Centre for Constitutional Rights)


Beyond the economy of scale: The political risks of uncertainty with reference to agriculture.
Dr P Croucamp (University of Johannesburg)

Redistribution legislation, policies and programmes, and the place of sustainable agriculture in redistribution
Prof E du Plessis ( North-West University)

Panel discussion on government policy and practice: how do we reconcile food security, land reform and GMOs?

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