Dear Student

Thank you for your interest in our master’s/doctoral programmes. The following programmes are presented at our Faculty:

You can read more about the content of the various programmes by following the link

Postgraduate Students are Required to have a Laptop

Laptop requirement for ALL Students

Structure Masters Programmes and Programme Leaders

Each programme has a programme leader who is responsible in general for the academic aspects of the programme. The programme leaders are as follows:

International Trade Law
Prof Germarié Viljoen ( / +27(0)18 299 1931)

Labour Law
Dr Estie Gresse ( / +27(0)16 910 3632)

Environmental Law and Governance
Dr Niél Lubbe ( / +27(0)18 299 1936)

Estate Law
Prof Anél Gildenhuys (Ané / +27(0)18 299 1036)

International Child Law
Ms Chantelle Feldhaus ( / +27(0)18 299 1925)

Professional LLM in Criminal Law and Procedure
Ms Getsia Zazo  ( / +27(0)18 389 2077)

Public Law and Legal Philosophy
Prof Hein Lubbe ( / +27(0)18 299 1031)

Mercantile Law
Dr Neels Kilian ( / +27(0)18 389 2510)

Research LLM,  LLD and PhD
Dr Nelson Kekana Director: Postgraduate Programme

Allocation of supervisors or promoters

Students in the structured LLM programmes are required to identify and consult with possible supervisors by 15 March of the first year of registration. If a student of a structured LLM programme has not identified and consulted with a supervisor by the above-mentioned date, the student is required to inform the Director: Postgraduate Programmes, where after a supervisor, will be allocated by the relevant programme leader, in consultation with the director.

Research Masters Degree (LLM)

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Research Doctoral Degree (LLD)

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PhD in Law and Development

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Application Procedure

The application procedure and forms, available bursaries and application forms, financial information and Faculty of Law yearbook are all available online at

The structured LLM programmes are presented in the form of compulsory seminars on a Friday and Saturday. We encourage students to complete this qualification within one year (usually full time). You can also complete it part time but must be very disciplined and motivated and follow a strict study programme. You may complete the qualification over a period of two years - just keep in mind that the full LLM fees (registration and tuition) are payable every year of registration.

Please note that a Research Methodology Seminar is compulsory for all accepted postgraduate students. This course was presented during February of each year. Information about this seminar will be communicated to you in due course, after your application has been approved.

The closing date for applications is 31 October of each year.

Please apply as soon as possible.

Important Contact Details

Director: Postgraduate Programme
Dr Nelson Kekana
( / +27(0)18 389 2492)

Deputy Director: Postgraduate Programme
Prof Hein Lubbe
( /+27(0)18 299 1031)

Mrs Sonia Turkstra
( / +27(0)18 299 1952)

Mrs Lezahn Jafta
( / +27(0)18 299 1037)

Ms Irene Ramoabi
( / +27(0)18 389 2385)

Important Dates


International Students


An evaluation certificate issued by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) must be submitted if a previous qualification was obtained in a foreign country. For further information, go to

Librarian Information

Ms Maria Lesele:  ( / /+27(0)16 910 3034)