1. Programme name

LLM in Mercantile Law

  1. Programme code

6CH P04

  1. Campus

Mahikeng Campus (English only)

Potchefstroom Campus (English only)

  1. Delivery mode

Contact (Potchefstroom and Mahikeng) with an online component (blended)

  1. Programme leader

Prof. Neels Kilian

  1. Introduction

The LLM in Mercantile Law is made up of four subjects (20 credits each) and one mini-dissertation (100 credits). The four subjects are International Trade and Investment Law (MCLM 811), Corporate Law and Corporate Governance (MCLM 812), Securities and Financial Markets Law (MCLM 821), and Contemporary Intellectual Property Law (MCLM 822). In the first semester, MCLM 811 and 812 are presented. International Trade and Investment Law teaches students the aspects of treaties or investment contracts between states and foreign investment companies. It explains appropriate dispute resolution methods and how trade and investment are regulated by international trade and investment law. Corporate Law and Corporate Governance explain the principles of company law and how it relates to good corporate governance practices – an example is integrated reporting required by companies to discuss non-financial matters in either their financial statements or sustainability reports. Securities and Financial Markets Law explains the law of securities and how financial markets regulate securities, for example, the JSE limited and shares of listed companies. Contemporary Intellectual Property Law explains what is considered intellectual property, a brand or design, and the consequences when a company uses a brand or design as its own. All these subjects are relevant in contemporary times since the world is moving in a specific direction - to promote healthy global investor relations, to understand global views on integrated reporting, and the influence of international perspectives on securities and intellectual property.

  1. Prior knowledge required

The LLB curriculum contains the above LLM subjects as either mandatory or elective subjects. Nevertheless, an LLB student who did not complete a specific subject relevant to this LLM can master the contents at an LLM level.

  1. Programme outcomes

The LLM in Mercantile Law aims to provide students with particular knowledge of unique global perspectives on investments, companies, securities, and intellectual rights, by presenting the four mandatory subjects of the LLM programme. The LLM programme's objectives are to teach students the legal theory and principles relevant to investments, companies, securities, and intellectual rights to understand the importance of global relations or regulations. Attorneys or legal practitioners in the present should be made aware of these global views or perspectives and their influence on the South African legal system. In addition, an opportunity is granted to students to write a mini-dissertation (20 000 words) on any four subjects.

  1. Modules
  • MMCL 811: International Trade and Investment Law
  • MMCL 812: Company Law and Corporate Governance
  • MMCL 821: Securities and Financial Markets Law
  • MMCL 822: Intellectual Property Law
  1. Lecturers
  1. Research

In contemporary times, the environment, social relations and (good) corporate governance (ESG) practices are extremely important for South Africa. South Africa must follow global views or perspectives relevant to ESG and know how listed JSE companies should comply. The latter is a very interesting topic for any student who wants to complete his or her mini-dissertation. ESG is relevant to investors, company directors, the JSE Ltd etcetera.

  1. Employment options or further study opportunities after completion of the programme

The employment options for students who have completed an LLM in Mercantile Law could be summarised as follows: Attorneys and or advocates, state prosecutors, state legislature, state advocates, state advisers, legal advisers for corporate companies, corporate directors/ managers with specific emphasis on mercantile law, etcetera. 


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