Trade and Development - Prof Leonie Stander

The purpose of this project is to research the promotion of trade in the developing world through public procurement, the effective development and management of trade through insurance and the promotion of trade through the effective development of the cross-border insolvency law. In the first sub-programme the promotion of trade through public procurement and important aspects relevant to public procurement will be studied. In the second sub-programme the focus is on aspects of insurance law in support of effective management and development of trade within the context of import and export matters. The project links to the trade and environment project. In the third sub-programme the focus is on the development of the insolvency law, especially the principles regarding cross border insolvency law, in order to promote trade through import and export. This project also links to the trade and environment project.

ADR in the Contemporary South Afirca - Ms Michelle Schoeman


Virtual Worlds, Internet and the Law - Prof Wian Erlank

Social interaction, trade, property and the law are inextricably linked together in the daily functioning of virtual worlds and more broadly speaking the internet, social and electronic media. As such, this project investigates the legal aspects of interaction between real and virtual worlds as well as the effect that the increasing use of such virtual worlds has on law in the real world and to which extent we can learn from the developments in this field. Further investigation is also undertaken into new legal problems that are caused by the use of the internet and similar new technologies.