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Research Chair

NRF South African Research Chair in Cities, Law and Environmental Sustainability (CLES)

This NRF SARChI Chair’s research focus is on urban development, environmental sustainability and law with several projects critically exploring the legally relevant relationship between cities, climate change, urban ecosystems, municipal service delivery, good local governance and water, food and energy security.  The Chair’s work covers South Africa and jurisdictions beyond.

Research Sub Area:

Justice in Practice

The research covers a wide range of legal areas, including property, land reform and expropriation, decolonialisation, family and children's rights, LGBQT rights, personal rights, legal education, law and language.

Environmental Change

Innovative and quality research on the interface between environmental sustainability, environmental justice, environmental governance and the law.

Finance, Trade & Innovation

The primary focus is to promote finance, trade and innovation as it is influenced by amongst others, the use of new technologies and other developments. In essence, this project contributes to the breaking down of legal barriers to ensure the beneficial evolution of finance, trade and innovation.

Vulnerable Societies

Our overarching aim is to find innovative, juridical solutions to advance the interests of societies in South Africa and globally by addressing the issues that make them vulnerable.