The Faculty is well equipped to promote postdoctoral research, and has a postdoctoral fellowship programme.
The research should fit into the research field of the Law, Justice and Sustainability Research Unit.

Postdoctoral applications
Successful applicants for a postdoctoral fellowship will be expected to participate in one of the research projects of the research unit and publish articles in accredited journals, with reference to the NWU. The unit’s postdoctoral fellow does research under the supervision of a senior researcher and reports directly to him or her. The fellow participates in all of the Faculty's research activities.

Purpose of the postdoctoral fellowship programme
The purpose is to make funding available to attract young postdoctoral fellows to the university, enable them to develop their own research skills and simultaneously promote research within the entity for research and postgraduate education.

Requirements for postdoctoral fellows

  • A doctoral degree is compulsory.
  • The doctorate should preferably have been obtained no more than five years before being appointed as a postdoctoral fellow.
  • The postdoctoral fellow should contribute to a noticeable increase in the research outputs of the research unit, and therefore the candidate’s track record is taken into account when a decision is made about granting the fellowship.
  • Postdoctoral fellows will not be allowed to work for additional remuneration in the form of a salary.

Duration of fellowships
Fellowships are awarded for an initial period of one year, renewable for a second and third year, subject to the following conditions:

  • Satisfactory progress on the research project(s) as agreed with the Fellowship advisor;
  • Productive integration into the research group
  • Availability of funding

The intended duration of the Fellowship must be clearly stated in the initial application.