Dear Student

Thank you for your interest in our master’s/doctoral programmes. The following programmes are presented at our Faculty:

You can read more about the content of the various programmes by following the link


Each programme has a programme leader who is responsible in general for the academic aspects of the programme. The programme leaders are as follows:

International Trade Law
Dr Braam Klaasen ( / +27(0)18 299 2125)

Labour Law

Dr Ari Botes ( / +27(0)18 299 1052)

Environmental Law and Governance

Prof Michelle Barnard ( / +27(0)18 299 1033)

Estate Law

Prof Henk Kloppers ( / +27(0)18 299 1928)

Comparative Child Law

Ms Chantelle Feldhaus ( / +27(0)18 299 1925)

Professional LLM in Criminal Law and Procedure

Prof Pieter du Toit ( / +27(0)18 299 1934)

Public Law and Legal Philosophy

Prof Avitus Agbor ( / +27(0)18 389 2202)

Criminal Law and Procedure

Prof Avitus Agbor ( / +27(0)18 389 2202)

Mercantile Law

Prof Avitus Agbor ( / +27(0)18 389 2202)

Family and Indigenous Law 

Prof Avitus Agbor ( / +27(0)18 389 2202)

LLM Research & LLD

Prof Marita Carnelley ( / +27(0)18 299 1959) or

Prof S de la Harpe ( /+27(0)18 299 1941)

PhD in Law and Development

Prof S de la Harpe ( / +27(0)18 299 1941)


The application procedure and forms, available bursaries and application forms, financial information and Faculty of Law 2019 yearbook are all available online at  

The structured LLM programmes are presented in the form of compulsory seminars on a Friday and Saturday. We encourage students to complete this qualification within one year (usually full time). You can also complete it part time but must be very disciplined and motivated and follow a strict study programme. You may complete the qualification over a period of two years - just keep in mind that the full LLM fees (registration and tuition) are payable every year of registration.

Please note that a Research Methodology Seminar is compulsory for all accepted postgraduate students. This course was presented during February 2017. Information about this seminar will be communicated to you in due course, after your application has been approved.

Your study study:

  1. If accepted to the LLM/LLD programme, you must attend the compulsory Research Methodology Seminar during February. During this seminar, or as soon as possible thereafter, a suitable supervisor will be allocated to you. Please discuss this with the programme leader.
  2. All postgraduate students are required to submit a detailed research proposal to the supervisor within three months following the Research Methodology Seminar for the structured LLM, six months for the Research LLM and nine months for the LLD. This proposal will serve on the research entity’s monthly committee meeting for approval. You will be notified of the outcome.
  3. After your proposal has been approved, your title must be registered by submitting the prescribed form to Mrs Sonia Turkstra (Sonia, If, during the course of your research, you want to change your title, you must complete the prescribed form and forward it to Mrs Vorster. The request will serve before the committee and if approved, the amended title must also be registered as set out above.
  4. Ninety days before submitting your mini-dissertation, you must email a notice of submission to Elize Harber (
  5. You must submit your mini-dissertation, dissertation or thesis before or on the due date (see “Important dates for higher degrees”). One electronic copy must be submitted on eFundi, the NWU’s learning management system. If necessary, printed copies will be requested. You must submit a declaration form, proof of language editing and permission to submit along with your mini-dissertation, dissertation or thesis.
  6. After submitting your mini-dissertation, dissertation or thesis, you will be notified (approximately 8 – 10 weeks after submission) of your result, and whether you are required to make any corrections.
  7. After corrections have been made, if applicable, you can submit final copies (in printed and electronic format – the procedure will be communicated to you by Higher Degrees Administration), along with a declaration form confirming that you have done the corrections. This form must also be signed by the supervisor.

All the above-mentioned forms are available at the following link:

The closing date for applications is 30 November of each year.

Please apply as soon as possible.



Contact Ms Irene Ramoabi ( / +27(0)18 389 2385)

Director Postgraduate Programme

Prof Avitus Agbor

( / +27(0)18 389 2202)


Deputy Director Postgraduate Programme

Prof Henk Kloppers

( /+27(0)18 2991928)

Contact Mrs / +27(0)18 299 1037) for:

  • Research Methodology Seminar
  • Student request and issues concerning modules
  • Examination administration
  • Organising of seminars
  • Correspondence with students concerning results
  • General inquiries

Contact Mrs Sonia Turkstra

( / +27(0)18 299 1952) for:

  • Research Methodology Seminar
  • Submission of research proposals
  • Title registrations, notice of submission, student requests concerning mini-dissertations, dissertations & theses
  • International bursaries – applications
  • General inquiries

Contact Mrs Elize Harber

 ( / +27(0)18 299 2465) for:

  • Applications & admissions
  • Submissions
  • Academic records

Contact Mrs Susan van der Westhuizen

( / +27(0)18 299 2051) for:

  • NWU postgraduate bursaries
  • International bursaries – pay out






There are a limited number of international bursaries available for foreign students who want to pursue postgraduate studies at the NWU. The bursaries are awarded on academic merit. Students who wish to apply for an LLM bursary must have obtained a minimum of 60% in the final year of their undergraduate studies, including their dissertation. Students who wish to apply for an LLD bursary must have obtained a minimum of 65% for their LLM, including the dissertation in the case of a coursework LLM. The bursaries will assist students but will not be sufficient to cover all their expenses. The application must be done electronically. Queries can be directed to Mrs Sonia Turkstra at

Please send in a separate application for an NWU bursary.



An evaluation certificate issued by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) must be submitted if a previous qualification was obtained in a foreign country. For further information, go to



Ms Christine Bronkhorst ( / +27(0)18 299 2804)