The difference between the LLB, and other law degrees is that generally LLB students spend their entire course studying the law, while students on other law programmes also spend time studying modules outside of law. This LLB degree programme is also offered as a second degree for students already in possession of a BA in Law or a BCom in Law. Career opportunities includes working as an attorney, advocate, state prosecutor, magistrate, working in government, commercial sector or legal advisor.

General Information

Duration: 4 years

Method of Delivery: Full Time

Qualification code: 6DE H01

Curriculum code Mahikeng Campus: R401M

Curriculum code Potchefstroom Campus: R401P

Compulsory courses during study period:

  • 35 law modules;
  • 1 language module and 3 language proficiency modules;
  • 1 Non-law module
  • 5 practical law modules and

Integrated project – choose one

  • Research report
  • Moot court
  • Law Clinic Project

Limited electives in year IV.

Admission requirements

  • APS of 30;
  • Mathematics is a strong recommendation level 3 (40-49%) and

Language requirements

  • Language of instruction on Home Language level passed on performance level 5 (60-69%) AND language of instruction on First Additional Language level passed on performance level 5 (60-69%).

LLB Extended programme

The differences between the four year LLB and the extended LLB are that the law modules are spread over a period of five years rather than four and that in the first year specific modules are included which bridge the gap between school and university and will enhance the skills needed to be able to successfully complete the degree. The career opportunities are exactly the same as for the four year LLB degree.

Duration: 5 years

Offered on Mahikeng Campus (MC) 

Qualification code: 6XA H01

Minimum requirements for applications

  • An APS of 28
  • Home Language passed at level 4 (50-59%) and First Additional Language at level 4 (50-59%) and
  • Mathematics passed at level 3 (40-49%) or Mathematical Literacy at level 5 (60-69%)

In the extended programme, the first year of the regular LLB curriculum is spread over two years, following the DHET’s (2012) model 2 where students’ first-year curriculum is taken over two years with the incorporation of substantial foundational provision.  In their third year students join the regular mainstream LLB programme on second-year level. Years 3 to 5 of the extended programme correspond with years 2 to 4 of the regular 4-year LLB curriculum.

LLB as a second degree

Duration: 2 years

If the candidate has already obtained a BA or B Com in Law, the study period is 2 years. If the candidate has obtained another three-year degree with fewer law modules, the minimum duration is 3 years.

The curriculum more or less comprises of the remainder of modules prescribed for the 4-year LLB, which is law, language and language proficiency modules not passed during the first degree.

Subject groups

The following subject groups exist in order to assist in the academic administration of the programme:

  • Private Law
  • Public Law
  • Mercantile Law
  • Criminal and Procedural Law

Sites of delivery

  • Mahikeng Campus
  • Potchefstroom Campus

Career opportunities 

  • Attorney
  • Advocate
  • State Prosecutor
  • Magistrate
  • Commercial Sector
  • Legal Advisor


The curriculum for LLB can be viewed here.

Please refer to the yearbook for more information.