The degree is awarded on the strength of a thesis that is examined by an internal and two external examiners.  The thesis may be on any topic which falls within the Faculty’s research focus namely law, justice and sustainability.  There must be sufficient expertise on the topic available in the Faculty to provide effective study guidance. The student must, within 9 months from registration submit a research proposal to the Post Graduate Programme committee for approval. After approval of the research proposal the student must pass an oral exam to determine whether he/she  is ready to proceed with the writing of the thesis.

Duration (minimum and maximum duration)

  • The study period extends over a period of at least two years.
  • A student must meet all the requirements for the LLD degree within four years after registration.
  • Should sufficient progress not be made the studies may be terminated.

Admission requirements

  • To gain admission to the LLD, a student must have obtained an LLM degree from this university or from another South African university or must have the status of such a master’s degree granted on request by the Senate.
  • The Director Postgraduate programmes may also insist that the student submit adequate proof of his/her research capabilities before being admitted to the program.  
  • As a guideline a student must have obtained an average of 65% for his/her LLM studies, including the dissertation.
  • With application for admission the student must submit a two (2) page research proposal to enable the Faculty to determine if sufficient expertise is available to provide study guidance and to appoint a promoter.
  • An evaluation certificate as issued by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) must be submitted if a previous qualification was obtained in a foreign country.
  • The research methodology seminar in February is compulsory and must the assessment  be passed.

Compilation of curriculum – Doctor of Laws (605 104)

Curriculum code Module Code Module Name Credits
R906P       LVIA 971  International Aspects of Law   360
R907P            LVPE 971  Perspectives on Law 360
R908P          LVTB 971     Trade and Business Law 360
R909P               LVPR 971 Private Law 360
R910P             LVCL 971  Constitutional Law 360
R911P            LVFL 971 Formal Law  360
R912P            LVLP 971 Legal Profession   360


Credit total for the programme: 360

The LLD programme is incorporated in the focus area by means of the requirement that all new research proposals must indicate the manner in which the proposed thesis will contribute to the theme "Law, Justice and Sustainability".
Doctoral research is undertaken under the guidance of the senior researchers involved in the focus area. It is not unusual for researchers to serve as assistants or co-promoters of doctoral studies undertaken in other faculties.