Developing and Utilising Labour Law to promote Decent Work in South Africa and the SADC Region Project: Local - Dr Anri Botes

The International Labour Organisation has adopted the aim of promoting the development of “decent work” in its member states. South Africa, as a member state, also has an obligation to strive towards achieving this aim. Workers (and their families) may utilise various legal avenues to develop economically and socio-economically and to realise their potential. One of these instruments is the optimal development and application of Labour and Social Security Law.

The object of this project is to reconsider and develop the nature, role and application of Labour and Social Security Law in order to promote and possibly realise:

a) increased security in labour opportunities in the formal and informal economy;

b) the effective organisation and representation of workers in social institutions and processes;

c) the protection of workers’ rights to freedom of association, collective bargaining and equality; and

d) social protection that includes social insurance against diverse risks, inter alia unemployment, occupational injuries, retirement, illnesses and death.

Modern Day Impact of Cultural Diversity in South Africa - Prof Christa Rautenbach

The project’s research focuses on an analysis of cultural diversity issues in a legal context. Contemporary issues include the meaning and scope of culture in a legal context, cultural governance, cultural sustainability and cultural (and religious) legal systems in a legal pluralistic context.

Rethinking and Developing Property and Land Reform in the Costitutional State - Prof Anél Gildenhuys

The aim of the project is to rethink and develop property (in its wider sense) and land reform. “Property defined in its wider sense” refers, for example, to research on: a) the reform of the basic concepts of property law; b) law of neighbours and public nuisance; c) virtual property and virtual property law and d) constitutional property law. Land reform research includes research on: a) rural development;  b) communal land c) registration of land tenure rights; d) corporate social responsibility and land reform ; e) food security and land reform ; f) communal property institutions and g) interpretation of constitutional provisions, namely sections 25-27 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996.